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Academy students participate in new basketball league

CLEVELAND — After seeing the success of Woodland Academy’s basket program for sixth- through eighth-graders last year, the school’s assistant administrator, Larry Burt, thought other charter schools could also benefit from the program.

“The reason we wanted to start a program for both girls and boys in sixth through eighth grades was so our students would learn self-discipline, responsibility, a sense of work ethic and how to build positive relationships with peers, families and the community through sports,” he said. “These are imperative life skills as well as a part of our core values within The Academies.”

Burt said the birth of the Greater Cleveland Charter League was initiated this year with the help of FunGame sports (, headed by Executive Director Chris Walker and CEO Ozell Dobbins. Besides Woodland Academy, other schools involved are HOPE Academy West, Broadway Academy, HOPE Academy East and a few other local charters.

“The hope is that it will continue to grow, and it is proven to have that potential as other schools have contacted me with future plans of playing,” Burt said. “My involvement with this program is just simply having the idea of ‘a league of our own’ and some initial leg work. Woodland Administrator Gretchen Beasley and other administrators were very receptive to the idea. Ms. Beasley is, in my opinion, the league’s biggest advocate. She is here with me assisting in any capacity to ensure a safe, secure and smooth operation of each game.”

The schools in the Greater Cleveland Charter League play games like any school league, with the season starting playoffs mid April. The games are currently being played at two locations because of gym accessibility — Woodland Academy and Broadway Academy. Games are played every Wednesday starting with the girls at 5:15 p.m. followed by the boys at 6:15 p.m.

“The response has been good in terms of crowd turnout,” Burt said. “We have found that we are seeing some of the parents attending the games that we typically would not see during academic-related functions.”

Burt said the program that was implemented at Woodland is called “Work to Play,” where the student athletes have to carry a green folder around at all times so at anytime, any staff member may check to see that student athlete’s academic progress and eligibility.

“The teachers use this as an opportunity to communicate with parents of their student athletes,” he said. “This is the second year we have implemented a sports program, however, this is the first year we have created our own league making it a more ‘polished product’ tailored for our schools.”

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If you’re interested in learning more about the Greater Cleveland Charter League and would like to interview Woodland Academy Assistant Administrator Larry Burt, he can be reached at or 216-721-6909.

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