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Three Academies schools recognized for value-added gain index score

White Hat Management announced that three of its schools have received recognition from Battelle for Kids for a composite value-added gain index score that ranked in the top 100 in Ohio. The schools are Riverside Academy in Cincinnati, Garfield Academy in Canton and Chapelside Academy in Cleveland.

Brenda Harper, director of the Academies for White Hat Management, described “value-added” as a measure the State of Ohio uses to determine the growth students made from the beginning to the end of the school year. She said it is indicative of the impact the staff had on the students while they attended the school, regardless of their starting point when they first arrived.

“The honor of being among the top 100 school districts in value-added is quite a distinction considering the number of school districts in Ohio,” Harper said. “These schools are effectively instructing students at their levels using the appropriate methods using differentiated instruction to meet each child’s unique learning needs.”
When combined with other student performance measures, value-added analysis provides insight for educators to determine the impact of their curriculum, instruction, programs, and practices on student learning.

“White Hat Management has worked hard to hire quality teaching staff and provide professional development to teachers to accomplish goals such as this,” said Harper.
For more information about the Academies, visit
Battelle for Kids is a national not-for-profit organization that partners with education organizations to improve public education. For more details, visit the website at

If you’re interested in learning more about the Academies and would like to interview Maggie Ford, chief academic officer at White Hat Management, call 330-535-6868 or email

About the Academies:
The Academies are tuition-free community schools in Ohio providing a safe, disciplined and nurturing learning environment for students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Currently, there are 14 academies throughout Ohio — in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Youngstown, with a new school opening in Lakewood in 2013. The Academies are a haven for parents caught between frustration with traditional public schools and the expense of private schools. When a child comes to the Academies, he or she enters a safe, clean, positive and caring environment built on respect. The Academies are committed to helping parents and children overcome obstacles so students can reach their full academic potential. For more information about the Academies, visit

About White Hat Management
White Hat Management contracts and assists nonprofit corporations that hold charters or see a need for a charter school in their community. White Hat Management operates 33 schools in three states under the auspices of two separate educational ventures. The Academies are tuition-free and are open to students in grades K-8 throughout the state of Ohio. Life Skills Centers are alternative education charter schools serving students between the ages of 16 and 21 in Ohio, Colorado and Arizona.

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