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White Hat Management’s Maggie Ford asked to serve on first Scholastic Education Charter Advisory Board

Maggie Ford, chief academic officer at White Hat Management, was asked to serve on the first Scholastic Education Charter Advisory Board. This small, select Advisory Board will meet May 1-2 at Scholastic’s world headquarters in New York City.
Ford said she is thrilled to be asked to participate on the board and is looking forward to the first meeting.
“Serving on the Advisory Board is an honor and a tribute to the hard work of all the entire White Hat Family who work side by side with me as I strive to further the mission and vision of our organization and the school choice movement,” said Ford. “Having a place at this important table will allow us to work with like-minded people to ensure the needs of our students are met and out voices are heard at the national level.”
Scholastic Education, a leader in educational solutions, is a supporter of charter schools and values its charter school network partnerships across the United States, according to Cathy Yount, director of Partnerships: Literacy and Charter Schools for Scholastic Education.
“White Hat is admired as a leader in charter school management and has had much success,” said Yount. “Scholastic values the insights from White Hat. Maggie Ford’s expertise and insights as a strong educational chief academic officer are of paramount importance as Scholastic explores ways to best support our charter school partners.”
Yount said the board will provide insights and opinions on ongoing trends in education — from next generation assessments to new state standards to what mobile technology is looking like in the classroom. She said this board will advise and guide Scholastic leaders who are considering how to best provide solutions, professional development and assessment support to its charter partners. It is also an opportunity for the charter school leaders to network with other school leaders as well as hear from educational experts during interactive sessions.
“The board is very select, consisting of chief academic officers and instructional leaders from the leaders in charter networks and management companies throughout the United States,” said Yount. “Leaders will be coming to Scholastic headquarters from California, Texas, Illinois and New York, to name a few. Ten networks have been invited and accepted to be part of this inaugural board.” 
If you’re interested in learning more about White Hat Management and would like to interview Maggie Ford, Chief Academic Officer at White Hat Management, call 330-535-6868 or email
About White Hat Management
White Hat Management contracts and assists nonprofit corporations that hold charters or see a need for a charter school in their community. White Hat Management operates 33 schools in three states under the auspices of two separate educational ventures. The Academies are tuition-free and are open to students in kindergarten through eighth grades throughout the state of Ohio. Life Skills are alternative education charter schools serving students between the ages of 16 and 21 in Ohio, Colorado and Arizona.
About the Academies
The Academies are tuition-free community schools in Ohio providing a safe, disciplined and nurturing learning environment for students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Currently, there are 15 academies throughout Ohio — in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lakewood and Youngstown. The Academies are a haven for parents caught between frustration with traditional public schools and the expense of private schools. When a child comes to The Academies, he or she enters a safe, clean, positive and caring environment built on respect. The Academies are committed to helping parents and children overcome obstacles so students can reach their full academic potential. For more information about The Academies, visit
About Life Skills
Life Skills operates centers in Ohio, Arizona and Colorado and offers an alternative high school education to students between the ages of 16-21. Class hours and curriculum are designed to be flexible enough to fit each individual's needs. Life Skills gives nontraditional students an option for obtaining a high school degree. Life Skills fits the needs of a variety of students with different backgrounds and lifestyles including: students returning to high school, accelerated students, pregnant students, students who need high school credit recovery, teen mothers, students working and going to school, and families with special circumstances. For more information, visit
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