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Who We Are

The Academies are tuition free community schools in Ohio providing a safe, disciplined and nurturing learning environment for students in grades K-8. Currently, there are 9 academies throughout Ohio - in Akron, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The Academies are a haven for parents caught between frustration with traditional public schools and the expense of private schools. We strive to raise the level of achievement for every student we teach.

When a child comes to The Academies, he or she enters a safe, clean, positive and caring environment built on respect. The Academies are committed to helping parents and children overcome obstacles so students can reach their full academic potential.


Our Strategy

To provide a high-quality school of choice with curricular programs and instructional methods specifically designed for our student population.

Our Mission

To provide an effective, consistent, and academically rigorous education in a safe, disciplined, and nurturing environment. We will empower students to reach their fullest potential by implementing a comprehensive curriculum facilitated by highly effective educators in collaboration with families in the community, and supported by progressive technology.

Our Vision

The Academies will be the premier schools of choice by providing effective instruction that will empower our students to exceed the state's academic expectations, building positive relationships with students, families, and the community, and developing students who respect humanity and have the courage to succeed. There is HOPE for every child.

Our Curriculum

Ohio's Academic Content Standards provide a set of clear and rigorous expectations for all students and provide teachers with clearly defined statements of what students should know and be able to do as they progress through school.

Our students are taught through project based learning environments. Our teachers utilize the Essential Elements of Effective Instruction (EEEI), an instructional strategy that accelerates student involvement and active learning. Teachers break down lessons into smaller components and work to ensure that students master each objective before moving onto the next lesson.